Handgun Licensing

Mount Barker Sporting Shooters Incorporated encourages the safe and responsible family-friendly activity of pistol shooting for all ages. If you are interested in joining our club and becoming an active handgun shooter then this page is for you.


Licensing Requirements

In order to hold a Class H (handgun) shooting license you must be a member of the Sporting Shooters Association Australia (SSAA) and a member of  Mount Barker Sporting Shooters Incorporated for a period of no less than six months before being permitted to apply for your license. See here for more information at the WA Police website.

In order for your membership to Mount Barker Pistol Club to be considered, you must provide a current National Police Clearance to the club for review showing you to be of good character. You can apply for the clearance here.

How long does it take?

The entire process of getting your pistol license and first pistol will usually take nine months to a year. It is not a quick process and if you are not serious about pistol shooting then it could be a waste of both your time and the clubs trainers time. Please think carefully.

You can come and visit the club on the Sunday morning shoot and have a go as a visitor with one of the club pistols. Please make contact with the club secretary to ensure that the club pistols are brought to the range and that a club trainer is present for your introductory shoot.

Purchasing a Pistol

MBPCWA has a number of automatic and revolver style .22 calibre pistols for club use and training. Initially you do not have to purchase a pistol during your probationary / training period at the club (six months).

Once you have met the minimum licensing requirements you may then approach a licensed firearms dealer and purchase your first handgun. The dealer will hold the handgun in their safe pending your successful application and provide the serial number and serviceability certificate that must accompany your application to the WA Police. You will also require the club for a letter of recommendation / support to accompany your application for a handgun (this typically takes around two weeks from when you apply as the letter has to come from SSAA WA Branch).

Once your application has been completed, you may then submit it at Australia Post along with an application fee (currently $220 as of December 2020). Typically it will then take a further two months for the WA Police Licensing division to approve your license and handgun. During this time you will have to pay storage fees to the firearms dealer (typically around $50 per month). Note that should your handgun application be rejected you will not get the application or storage fees back. The firearms dealer will issue you a refund on your pistol purchase.

Club Pistols

Our club recognises that there can be a considerable gap between joining and applying for your pistol license and actually receiving your purchase to use at club events. To allow for you to enjoy pistol shooting, the club has a number of club pistols that can be hired for use for $5 per day on official club shoot days (currently Sunday and Wednesday).

What else do I need?

As with most sports, there is a lot more stuff to get besides your pistol. To start with you will also need to purchase the following items:

  • Pistol holster.
  • Gun belt.
  • Magazine carriers.
  • Additional magazines (recommended is six in total).
  • Eye protection.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Pistol / gear bag or Range Bag.
  • Cleaning kit.
  • Ammunition.

It is a good idea to come to the club and have a chat with different members to see what they recommend. It is too easy to spend big dollars on goods that have limited functionality.

Reloading Ammunition

Unless you are using .22 caliber pistols, most pistol shooters reload their ammunition to save money. On most shoots, you will go through a minimum of 40 to 60 rounds depending on the discipline so if you are serious about shooting, it is worth your time investigating reloading. Talk to club members before rushing out and buying a reloading press though, as again experience speaks!