Firing Range Standing Orders

  1. All Federal and State firearm laws must be obeyed.
  2. Flags: 1st on front gate; 2nd range flag next to shed, 3rd flag at the back mound. First person on range to put up flags.
  3. All firearms must be uncased / un-bagged, inspected and CLEARED in the SAFE ROOM before holstering and proceeding onto the range.
  4. Holsters must be used on the Range. Shoulder and thigh holsters can not be used, unless approved by the Committee on medical conditions.
  5. All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded, magazine removed, hammer down and holstered, or unloaded with their action open, the magazine removed and cased / bagged.
  6. No one other than a Range Officer may go forward of the firing line unless authorised or instructed to do so by the Range Officer.
  7. Commands issued by Range Officers and Safety Officers must be obeyed immediately and without question.
  8. When the command “Cease Fire” is given:
    • Stop shooting IMMEDIATELY
    • Remove your finger from the trigger
    • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction down range at 45 degrees
    • Wait for further instructions from the Range Officer
  9. When the line is declared “CLEAR”:
    • All firearms must be holstered; or unloaded and boxed, with the action open, ejection port or cylinder up, and magazine removed.
    • Everyone must step back from the firing line.
    • No firearms may be handled while the line is “CLEAR”.
  10. Rifles may be fired only using cast lead projectiles and not exceeding muzzle velocity of 1800fps.
  11. Cast lead projectiles only to be used on the club range. Copper and steel core ammunition are prohibited.
  12. Range Officers reserve the right to inspect any firearms, equipment or ammunition for safety considerations and have the authority to remove from the range if inappropiate.
  13. All shooters must sign the Attendance Book before competition or practice sessions.
  14. Shooters using range facilities out of official match times must be accompanied by another responsible person if not text 0410414 041 or 0427515 010 on arrival and departure (OH&S).
  15. Attendance Log Cards must be signed by a Range Officer and carried as per SSAA rules.
  16. A certified Range Officer must be in attendance at all official Club shoots and practices.