Field Pistol

SSAA Field Pistol is a WA Based event with an interesting, varied and challenging discipline that provides variety and satisfies the needs of shooters in a wide variety of shooting challenges, from speed events to the more challenging long range events there is something for everyone. People of any suitable age can enjoy this discipline and it attracts a large spectrum of the shooting community, from young people to families and seniors, everyone is in there with a chance. Field Pistol courses of fire are wide and varied and each is designed to challenge a different aspect of the shooter’s abilities.

There are three styles of competition:

Static Course – where several shooters can compete at the same time, the times, distances and number of rounds in static matches can be varied to suit the competitor’s ability. The stages may have a set position to shoot from (offhand, post rest standing, post rest sitting or kneeling or prone) or if no position has been nominated in the shooters briefing it allows the competitor the choice of position based on the time available. For example a course of fire of 12 rounds in 60 seconds at 50 metres may permit any field position – some may elect to post rest and others to go prone. All must start from the ready position.

Movement Course – only one shooter is on the line and there are targets placed in groups down the range. The competitor moves to a designated firing point and engages the targets then moves to another firing point and continues, reloading if required. Care must be taken to ensure that all shots are within the range template.

Varmint Match – where the sole requirement is for precision with set times and distances.

The SSAA offical rules for Field Pistol can be downloaded from this link.