Cowboy Action / Single Action

Single Action Shooting (SAS), also known as Cowboy Action and Western Action, is a shooting discipline with shooters taking on the role of a character and their persona with period costumes in the spirit of the sport. Having evolved more than 25 years ago in the USA, SAS has grown into one of the fastest growing shooting competitions in the world today. Matches are conducted using the International Rules of Single Action Shooting as promulgated by SASS.

The firearms used are single action revolvers, lever action rifles and side-by-side shotguns without automatic ejectors. Essentially, the firearms and calibres used in competition are those commonly in use in the 19th century up until 1896

Targets used in SAS matches are generally reactive plates specifically designed for this type of competition. They can be square, round or card-suit shapes and are often based on a 400mm x 400mm size. Multiple targets are used on each match stage. Additionally, clay targets may be used in some matches. Targets are set in accordance with stage description and must be engaged in exactly the same sequence from static positions, regardless of which category a participant competes in. Sequences are clearly described in the shooter’s program.