Welcome to Mt Barker Sporting Shooters Inc

Mount Barker Sporting Shooters (SSAA) Incorporated has been in operation since the early 1980’s and is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and a family-friendly environment where shooters can come together and hone their skills with other like-minded people.

Located in the grounds of the Mount Barker Rifle Range, the club meets every Sunday morning at 9:00am for commencement of the days shoot at 9:15am and Wednesday mornings at 9am for training and general casual shoots. Both the Sunday and Wednesday shoots are official club shoots and count towards club attendance for meeting your hand gun licensing requirements.

If you are interested in joining head over to the handgun licensing information page and read all about the exciting sport of handgun shooting. If your still keen after a read of that, then head on over to the Contacts page and register your interest and we will be in touch.